Sung Cho

Founder & CEO

Sung Cho has fifteen years of industry experience in mobile game development and data analytics. Before founding Chartmetric, he was product manager of Sales Cloud applications at Oracle. He strongly believes that data can solve challenging problems and improve our understanding of people and their behaviors. Sung received his MBA from UCLA Anderson, while enjoying the breeze of Santa Monica and the view of the Pacific beach.

Chaz Jenkins

Chief Commercial Officer

Chaz is a chief commercial officer at Chartmetric and helps with strategy, marketing and client relationships. He also advises major and independent labels, as well as managers and publishers, on streaming, helping them create new ways to grow audiences for artists globally. In the past, he held senior positions in major record companies and founded Grammy Award-winning indie labels, as well as working in the live music sector and nightclubs. Chaz lectures internationally in universities and speaks regularly at conferences including Google Zeitgeist on the future of the music industry.

Andreas Katsambas

President, Strategy, Mktg & Operations

Andreas is an experienced Executive with an entrepreneurial spirit and a demonstrated international career in the entertainment industry. Skilled in Strategy, Management, Operations, Planning, Marketing, Analytics, Budgeting, Market Entry Strategies & Global Expansion.

Recently completed GMP at Harvard Business School and has a degree in Business and Management.

Jason Joven

Manager, Content & Insights

Jason is Chartmetric's Manager for Content and Insights. With a US Navy cryptologic intelligence analysis background, he now helps connect the data and business sides of Chartmetric via public-facing content (e.g., blog, podcast, tutorials) and client special projects. He has interned for data teams at Warner Music Group, Live Nation and Songtrust. He earned two Master of Arts degrees at New York University (Music Business/Data focus & Pop Culture Analytics) and a Bachelor degree at University of Illinois (Marketing). Jason has a weakness for new music gear, bubble tea, electric skateboards.

Pei-Yi Cheng

Data Engineer

Pei-Yi is a Data Engineer at Chartmetric with a background in the data pipeline for art archive, healthcare, and transportation. She received her Master's in Data Science from Indiana University where she found her interests in achieving fairness for social decision making by using machine learning. Outside of work, she aims to explore the delicious food around the world.

Minjun Cha

Data Engineer

Minjun joined Chartmetric after finishing a research program at UC Irvine. At Chartmetric, his role is to keep the data 'in good shape'. As an avid and enthusiastic soccer fan and player, he is called Coach Minjun during the lunchtime soccer session.

Rutger Ansley Rosenborg

Digital Strategy Lead

Rutger helps turn numbers to narratives at Chartmetric. He studied English Literature and Cognitive Neuroscience at Stanford and Music Business & Music Technology at NYU. Along the way, he interned at two indie labels and a publishing company, wrote about some of his favorite bands as a music journalist for NBC, taught at a music school, helped grow a micro-VC investing in creative technologies, and recovered from six years on the road as a professional indie musician. When he’s not immersed in music, he reads, watches movies, and hones his pool skills.

Michael Warner

Artist and Label Relations

Michael has been immersed in the music industry for over 15 years. During this time he has dipped his feet into music production, radio and podcast hosting, as well as mixing as a DJ. Originally discovering Chartmetric during it’s soft launch in 2016, Michael quickly became an ambassador, bringing many of his fellow independent artists onboard. Michael is now part of the team, developing relationships with Artists and Labels, hosting product demonstrations and making funny jokes to impress his colleagues.

Umang Sharaf

Data Scientist

Umang is a Data Scientist at Chartmetric and has experience as a Software Engineer and in researching traffic optimization with Reinforcement Learning. He graduated from The Ohio State University in 2016 and moved to the Bay Area in 2018 for the Master of Engineering degree at the University of California, Berkeley. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to podcasts about new technology developments and going on long runs while listening to movie soundtracks.

Preston Nowakowski

Software Engineer

Preston is a front end developer with a background in music composition. He received his Master’s in Film Scoring from the University of Southern California, after which he worked in the film-music industry on a few seasons of TV. You might recognize some of his work from the TV shows ‘The Good Place’(NBC) and ‘Arrested Development’(FOX). His passion for emerging technologies and media led him to a career in web development. Outside of work, Preston continues to compose music for indie films and other media.

Shashwat Kapoor

Data Engineer

Shashwat is a Data Engineer at Chartmetric with a background in computer vision and deep learning. He received his Bachelor's in Computer Science with a minor in Statistics from University of Maryland in 2020. Outside of work, you will find him playing RPGs with friends, trying out guitar tabs for K-pop songs, or raving about upcoming anime.

Victor Phung

Full Stack Software Engineer

Victor is a full-stack software engineer with a couple of products and companies under his belt. He received his Computer Science degree from UC Irvine where he got the first taste of entrepreneurship when he helped co-found a mobile app startup. He has since worked with companies from early stage to Unicorn, shipping code that's touched hundreds of thousands of people. In a perfect world, Victor would partner with product leaders and bring to life ideas that can help people and solve problems. He dabbles in AR/VR tech, goes to multiple hackathons and tech conferences each year, and enjoys talking culinary travels with team mates. 

Myounghee Seo

Data Engineer

Myounghee is a Data Engineer at Chartmetric with a background in web app development and computer vision in several projects. She received her Bachelor's in in Computer Science from Kookmin University in 2021. Outside of work, she loves listening to pop music, riding a bike and talking about dreams and travels. As a travel enthusiast, she aimed to travel to other countries at least once a year.

Shashank Chaudhary

Data Analyst

Shashank has an MBA & a Bachelor in Technology in Mechanical Engineering from India. Aspiring to learn how businesses can be driven using data driven tools and techniques landed him here in New York where he pursued his M.S. in Applied Analytics from Columbia University before joining Chartmetric where his love for music and data was united. Exploring new food joints, traveling, long distance running, trekking and soccer are some of his favorite hobbies.

Desmond Cheung

Software Engineer

Desmond is a software engineer with a background in backend design and distributed systems. He grew up in the Bay Area and received his Bachelor in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, Masters in Software Management from CMU, and MBA from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Besides working as a software engineer, he also lived in Hong Kong, where he served as a chairman of a listed company, served as a CEO of a retail company, and co-founded a software agency startup. Outside of work, he loves talking about business ideas and opportunities, eating new food, learning about space and the universe, and playing with his kids.

Tamur Yusifzai

Product Manager

Tamur is a product manager with a broad background in product analytics, international finance and entrepreneurialism. A Los Angeles native but a global citizen, Tamur received his double masters from Johns Hopkins SAIS / INSEAD in Quantitative Economics and Business respectively, which took him across 5 campuses and 4 countries. Both creatively minded and analytical, he loves the unique blend of these two skillsets that product management entails. When not obsessing over product, Tamur can be found playing music, traveling or working towards his next belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Michelle Yuen

Business Intelligence Analyst

Michelle studied psychology, mental health and entertainment business at NYU before starting at Chartmetric as a Business Intelligence Analyst. She is passionate about developing the intersection of music and data on a global cross-cultural scale. Prior to living in New York, she spent time in Singapore, Shanghai and the Netherlands. Other than listening to or playing music, she loves to read, travel to new places and practice Muay Thai.