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Bridging Data & Creativity

Chartmetric helps entertainment professionals make smarter and faster music business decisions by providing reliable data, beautiful visuals, in-depth insights, innovative features, and rockstar customer support.

Historical Data Across Sources

How can you tell where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been? Instead of being limited to the data of today, you can look back and across different platforms to see how it all connects and what the future may hold.

Track Playlist Journeys

It can be hard to get that big break. One way is to make it onto a popular playlist, but how do you get there? With Playlist Journeys, you can find out how other tracks made their way. What smaller playlists did they get on first that led to their inclusion on the big stage?

Audience Demographics

Know your fan demographics across different platforms. Your YouTube Channel followers aren't necessarily the same as TikTok and Instagram so you shouldn't treat them the same. Great for tailoring your outreach, planning tours, and so much more!

The Features That Set Us Apart

Historical Data Access

Gain access to data from years past. Learn how metrics have changed over time and what they may look like in the future.

Track Playlist Journeys

Your passport to the wild world of streaming playlists. See what playlists feed into other playlists so you know exactly where to pitch to get to where you want to go.

Audience Demographics

By platform, learn about your fans: where they are, who else are they interested in, age, gender, and so on. In order to be heard, you have to craft the right message. Knowing your audience is key.

A&R Prediction

Discover new talent by filtering and sorting through our entire playlist database and utilizing our data science-driven A&R Prediction tool.

Top Charts

Find the top performing artists of today, yesterday, and even months or years ago by platform, metric, and location.

Neighboring Artists

Filter by streaming platforms, social media platforms, and genre for a side-by-side comparison of artist performance.

New Music Industry Trends Report on Breakthrough Music in 2020

In our first-ever web-based edition of 6MO, we uncover the world’s breakthrough artists and tracks in 2020 on music streaming platforms, social media, and our own standard of overall popularity, Cross-Platform Performance. We also take a market-level view of one of 2020’s most viral (and hotly debated) platforms, TikTok. Finally, we end with a case study look at how Netflix music synchronizations have helped artists break new (and sometimes old) music.

Our latest music industry trends report uses music analytics to dive into where new acts are emerging and how older tracks are finding new life on popular platforms ... despite a seismic shift in life as we know it.
View Report Here