Artist Profile

Focus in on the digital lives of particular artists: Monitor tracks, albums, concert data, sync placements, streaming and social KPIs, chart performance, audience demographics, and much more.

Radio Airplay

Tracking a thousand of the most important radio stations in the world … and counting. Read how we made our selection on our blog.

YouTube Demographics

Analyze artist YouTube audiences in terms of gender, age, language, country, and notable subscribers on the world’s biggest platform for digital music consumption.

Instagram Demographics

View Instagram demographics across a number of different measures so you can better promote and connect with your audiences.

Cross-Platform Performance

It’s important to have a standardized, comprehensive measure of an artist’s performance across numerous streaming and social media platforms. Ranking 2M+ artists globally, we condense popularity into our Cross-Platform Performance metric on a daily basis.

Neighboring Artists

Instantly find artists with similar metrics across any of our data sources, filtering by similar genre or not.

Playlist Journeys

Your passport to the wild world of streaming playlists. See what playlists feed into other playlists so you know exactly where to pitch to get to where you want to go.

Cities Page

Collecting the localized listening preferences of 7.3K+ cities worldwide, we display more than 10 panels of data from Top Artists by Spotify Monthly Listeners to Top Tracks by YouTube Views, Top Genres by Shazam Count, and more.

A&R Tools

Discover new talent by filtering and sorting through our entire playlist database and utilizing our data science-driven A&R Prediction tool.


20+ artist, track, and video-level charts from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, YouTube, Beatport, Shazam, iTunes, SoundCloud, QQ Music, and Chartmetric — in markets around the world.

Chart Summaries

Boil down the overwhelming amount of chart data into digestible bites — from genre distribution to label distribution and more.

Advanced Artist Filters

Advanced Spotify filters allow you to surgically filter artists for potential discovery and research.


Load KPIs for your favorite artists, tracks, albums, playlists, and curators right when you log in. 

Track Profile

Get to know a specific track or ISRC intimately using playlist counts, playlist history, playlist evolution, and charting history from multiple platforms — not to mention acoustic characteristics from BPM to mood and more.

Album Profile

Track an album’s movements using playlist histories and metrics across all of the streaming platforms we monitor.

Playlist Profile

Decode a playlist’s DNA with Follower counts, track titles, record label ownership, track genres, artist countries, current tracks, and acoustic characteristics.

Playlist Time Machine

Use a simple drop-down menu to look at past playlists' content — some all the way back to late 2016.

Playlists by Frontline or Catalogue

We identify playlists that feature newer content (Frontline) or older content (Catalogue). Sort and filter them to better understand how to pitch your songs, and use the “28-Day Add Ratio” to understand how often a playlist gets changed up by its curator.

Curator Profile

Pull back the curtain on your favorite playlist curator.

Custom Reports

Easily export customizable PDF and CSV reports on your favorite artists, tracks, and albums.

Exportable Data Tables

Need to deliver a quick chart or spreadsheet to your colleague? Easy. Exportable visuals and data tables are at your fingertips.

Custom Charts

Plot any grouping of artists' Chartmetric data to make custom data comparisons specific to your needs.