Spotify Analytics for Artists … and the Players Who Help Them Succeed

Decision-making in the music industry is increasingly about innovative insights and being the first to discover new trends, artists, and opportunities to engage audiences.

In today’s streaming economy, artist success on Spotify is one of the leading indicators of artist success across streaming and social platforms and music industry verticals, which is what makes understanding your artist Spotify data so important.

Thanks to the power of data science, our music data analytics platform can help take your Spotify analytics game to the next level.

Access standard Spotify stats, including ...

• Spotify Monthly Listeners
• Spotify Followers
• Playlist adds
• Spotify Listener data and demographics

Plus, a growing list of metrics and original insights that are key to artist success in a digital music economy …
Powered by Chartmetric data science:

Playlist Journeys

Once a track gets added to one playlist, it enters a vast network of other playlists. Our Playlist Journey Look Back and Look Forward feature unfolds that roadmap so you have a better idea of what smaller playlists to target in order to increase your chances of landing on bigger playlists.

A&R Prediction Tools

Whether you’re looking to sign emerging talent or partner with an artist on the rise, our A&R Prediction tools do the difficult discovery work for you — before they land on Today’s Top Hits.

Cross-Platform Performance

Spotify is only one of many different digital platforms vital to artist success, which is why it’s important to have a standardized, comprehensive measure of an artist’s performance across numerous streaming and social media platforms. Ranking 1.9M+ artists globally, we condense popularity into our Cross-Platform Performance metric on a daily basis.

Spotify Track Velocity

With our 7-Day Velocity feature, we make it easy to understand a track’s chart performance — is it accelerating to the top or slamming on the brakes?

Neighboring Artists

Filter by streaming platforms, social media platforms, and genre for a side-by-side comparison of artist performance.

Analytics Unique to Spotify

Conversion Ratio

Conversion Ratio is followers divided by monthly listeners and can be used to understand how effectively an artist is capturing the audience.

Spotify Popularity and Spotify Rank

Want to know how one artist stacks up against another artist on Spotify? We’ve got an easy to understand metric for that.

Advanced Playlist Add Data

• Search: Find exactly the playlist add you’re looking for.

• Sort: Sort by Follower count, Follower change, Monthly Listeners, date, and more.

• Filter: Filter by primary artist, editorial/non-editorial, and date range.

• Time Machine: See where your track was on what date.

Playlist Reach

The number of ears that might be listening to your track is an indication of how big — and how numerous — your playlist adds are.

Playlists Ranked Across Multiple Metrics

Filter and sort by genre and mood, frontline or catalogue, Spotify or major label brands, add ratio, Followers, Follower change, average Monthly Listeners, Monthly Listener to Follower ratio, and last updated.

Playlist Summaries

Analyze the distribution of tracks on a playlist by day added, day removed, track popularity, track age, record label, genre, and country.

Recommended Playlists

Now that you know what playlists your track has been added to, what other playlists might your track also work well on?

A comprehensive ranked list of Spotify curators

Filter and sort by genre, social media presence, Spotify or major label brands, playlist count, playlist Followers, and 28-day Follower change.

Top Spotify Influencers

Understand how important each curator is to your music and how engaged they are with each artist on their playlists.

Spotify charts and summaries

Analyze the distribution of tracks by record label, artist, genre, track age, time on chart, and track duration on the Spotify Daily Charts and Spotify Weekly Charts (based on the Spotify Top 200 and the Spotify Viral 50), in addition to New Music Friday, Fresh Finds, and Trending on Playlists.

Charts ranked across multiple metrics

Filter and sort by streams, peak position, 7-Day Velocity, days on chart, position change, and rank.

Music data from other artists and platforms

See how your artist profile stacks up against the 1.9M+ other artists that we track while you filter and sort by country, genre, subgenre, and streaming platforms vs. social media platforms.

Data from nearly a dozen social media and mass media platforms

TikTok, Bandsintown, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Radiowave, Tunefind, TV Maze, Songkick, and more.

Audience Demographic Analytics

• Instagram Follower demographics, brand affinities, and more

• Facebook Fan demographics

• YouTube viewer demographics

Who is Chartmetric?

At Chartmetric, we not only want to help you understand artist streaming data, Spotify stats, and Spotify insights, we also want to turn that understanding into strategic decision making that will help you, your music, or the artist you represent succeed.

We are a small, highly skilled team with members from diverse backgrounds, and that diversity is celebrated just as much as our work is. We’re talented solo artists, but we’re a much better band. We are as much music data rockstars as we are music superfans, and we thrive as a bridge between music and technology, data and creativity.

What makes us the music industry leader in music data analytics and original insights?

Dive deeper into our features at, and see for yourself. We can’t wait to see what you create.

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