What's New?

Chartmetric has been constantly evolving since 2015. We deploy new features twice a week.

TikTok Weekly Top Tracks

TikTok Weekly Top Tracks

- Based on video view count trend over last 7 days, updated daily
- Song titles are also clickable links to launch content directly within TikTok website/app
- Chart shows 1,000 top tracks
- Entire chart can be exported to CSV

2020-04-04: Top Artists Across Platforms

Artist List Banner

- On the artist list, there will be a banner of the top 10 artists in each metric
- Scroll horizontally to see the entire set

Infinite Scrolling

- Infinite scrolling has been applied to the playlist list pages
- The changes are available across all five streaming platforms

Neighboring Artists Genre Filter

- If the filter is enabled or disabled, the choice is remembered the next time the artist page is opened

2020-03-31: More Infinite Scrolling

Album List Infinite Scrolling

- Changes are similar to the artist list
- Pagination buttons will no longer be present
- Filters should work as before

2020-03-27: Improved ANR dashboard, Easier artist link update

ANR Filters

- There are three new filters on the ANR 30-Day Metric Growth tabs
  - Released in the last 2 months
  - First release in past 1 year
  - Unsigned
- Each of the above checkboxes can be enabled or disabled
- By default, the unsigned filter should be set to true
- When toggling between the different tabs, the previously selected enabled/disabled checkboxes should be persistent if the filters are available

Multi-edit Artist Links

- On the artist profile page, multiple social media links can now be edited and saved together
- If one link is incorrect and the rest are correct, the correct links should still be saved
- For incorrect links, error messages should appear on trying to save them

2020-03-25: Chart Historical Positions

Artist List Infinite Scroll

- The artist list is now infinitely scrollable instead of using pagination buttons to see the previous or next batch of results

Charts Historical Positions Modal

- By default, the historical positions will show the graph only for 30 days
- The modal that gets opened when clicking the graph should show the entire date range
- This is also applicable to historical streams/historical views graphs

2020-03-20: Youtube Audience Analysis

Youtube Audience Analysis

- Similar to the Instagram Audience Analysis section
- Only available on the artist profile page

Conversion Ratio on Artist List

- A new column called conversion ratio (followers to monthly listeners ratio) has been added to the artist list
- The functionality in terms of sorting and filtering should be the same as the other columns

Metrics on the artist profile page

- Instagram followers, youtube channel subscribers, and youtube channel views should be displayed in the "About" section on the artist profile page
- The ranks for each metric should also be present along with the metric
- The ranks can be clicked to view the neighboring artists based on the chosen metric
- This change is available only on the artist page

2020-03-19: Synchronized Stat Charts

Synchronized stat charts

- When moving the cursor across the graph on one of the charts, it should simultaneously move the cursors for the other graphs so that you can see the value for the same date across all the charts
- If there is no data for a particular date, then the cursor won't move for that particular graph alone